Act now to protect Ripley – Say No!

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We agree that our area should play a part in providing some new homes, but believe that the scale of development should be determined by a more honestly-calculated need for houses, and be appropriate to the character and constraints of our villages.  The Guildford Borough Council’s Draft Local Plan  does not fairly calculate the use of our land and resources and for Ripley Village it means changes to our boundaries that remove us from the Green Belt, like many of our neighbouring villages.

Acting now simply means telling the Guildford Borough Council what you feel about their Local Plan. The problem is we feel you haven’t really been told what the potential impacts are going to be from the implementation of the plan.

1. THE LOCAL AREA WILL LOSE A LARGE AMOUNT OF GREENBELT FROM THE SURROUNDING AREAS– this means no more protection from development on the  green land around you! In fact, the Guildford Local Plan proposes about 3,500 houses within 2 miles of the centre of Ripley. We recommend you visit here to learn what this really means

2. RIPLEY VILLAGE WILL LOSE ITS GREEN BELT STATUS– Local Plan proposes to take the village out of the Green Belt, without any reference to the people who live here. This means that it will be difficult to stop further development all around the village which is currently held in check by our Green Belt status.

3. RIPLEY TRAFFIC NUMBERS WILL INCREASE DRAMATICALLY– Local neighbourhood areas like Wisley, Send, East Horsley have housing plans that will add housing and schools and yet the Guildford Borough Council admit that they still have no firm plans for dealing with this extra volume.

ACT NOW – time is running out – If you would like to learn more about how the plan is affecting the areas look through the “What’s happening” section on the menu bar.


Send your individual letter to arrive by 5pm on the 22nd September to: Local Plan Consultation, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead, Guildford, GU2 4BB